These products are handmade, and as such there will be slight imperfections.  While I do my best to produce items to the best of my ability, I’d rate my ability to be around an average-competency seamstress – so some degree of imperfection is to be expected.

Refunds or replacements will not be given for minor imperfections.

I offer a 3 Month sewing guarantee – If your pads have a major problem related to the sewing/construction of your pads within the first 3 months of use,  I will repair or replace it (at my discretion) free of charge. If such a problem occurs please notify me first – before posting the pad to me, to arrange this.

From time to time I have products that are a “seconds” quality – these are items that have more imperfections than would be reasonably expected in a handmade product.  These are labelled as “Seconds”, the listing will state whatever the issue is, and they are sold at a slightly reduced cost, depending on what the issue is.  These “seconds” are generally just cosmetic (visual) issues that should not affect the performance of the product.

Orders will only be sent after payment has been made. Orders that are unpaid and have had no contact after 10 days will be cancelled and returned to stock. Payment can be made via Bank Deposit (requires clearance before order will be sent).

Cattle, shells etc. and other barter methods not accepted unless prior arrangements have been made 😉 (ohh you are actually reading this!)

I try to keep postage & packing costs to a minimum, while also being mindful of keeping your goods protected and trackable (for security) and keeping packaging as environmentally friendly as possible.

I normally post orders twice a week, Early in the week (Mon or Tues) and late in the week (Thurs or Fri). If I am going out at other times and happen to post orders, then I will do so. If you need something in a hurry, please let me know so I can get it out faster. Postage times will vary depending on where you live, I am shipping from Melbourne, Australia.

Obsidian Star accepts no responsibility for items lost or damaged in transit. Once a parcel leaves my hands I have no control over whether postal workers stomp on it or decide they want it more than you do….. Refunds or replacements for such items will only be made once an Australia Post investigation on the lost/damaged package has been finalised.

Invoices and instructions – To reduce the environmental impact of printing off invoices and instructions for people who don’t want them, I’ve decided not to provide these. You will receive a small note with my business details, thanking you for your order (printed on unbleached 100% post consumer recycled paper). You can find care instructions on this website to use if needed. There is also an account section where you can find details of previous orders. A receipt or printed instructions can be included with your order if you require.

Postage Rates – The cart is set to use tracking to provide peace of mind for yourself and me that the package has been sent and where it is.  Some smaller items have been set to use an untracked “letter” rate (this will show in the cart if valid for your order).

International Shipping – Obsidian Star no longer posts any items outside of Australia.

Wrappings & Extras– Your order will either be in a plastic “polymailer” or inside a plastic ziplock bag in a paper envelope – this extra plastic is to protect your order from the rain.   When using paper envelopes I do use a lot of stickytape, this is to help prevent the envelope ripping open and the contents falling out in transit.   For orders over $20 I often pop in a little treat such as chocolate or a sealed teabag, so if this is not appropriate for you (due to allergies or whatever), please let me know.

Order Notifications – You should receive an automatic confirmation of your order from the system when you place your order.  You should also get a notification when your package has been marked as shipped, as well as a tracking notification message from Australia Post if your order is being sent via tracked satchel.  If you have any problems with your order, please let me know so we can work it out.

Shipping Address – Please note that I will post to the address listed on my order screen when you place an order. You must ensure your correct shipping information is entered in at the checkout.  Obsidian Star is not responsible for mail that goes missing as a result of the incorrect mailing address being used, nor the cost of reposting it to the correct address if it has been sent to an old address and been returned to sender.

Obsidian Star holds no responsibility for injury, harm or health problems suffered by use of these products.   The fabrics used in making these products may fade, stain and become worn over time. Obsidian Star makes no guarantees that these products will not leak or to how long they will last.  Refunds or replacements will not be given for normal wear and tear, fabric staining or fading, pads “leaking” or failing to work.

The absorbency levels given for cloth pads are a guideline only, and it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that they are buying pads that will best suit their own needs, and to change pads regularly enough for hygiene reasons and to avoid leaks.

The product you receive
With most fabrics that have a print, each pad cut from that fabric will look slightly different, because the placement of the pattern on the fabric will look different in each pad. Generally I take a photo of one pad to show as an example for the main listing photo, and sometimes additional photos in the listing gallery to show variations of pads made using that fabric.  So the pad you receive may not look exactly the same as the one shown in the main listing photo or gallery photos. Where fabric prints will significantly change the look of each pad, I do photograph each individual pad and you will receive the one shown. If you are in doubt about whether the pad shown in the photo is the actual one you will receive – please contact me to ask.

Product photos
While every effort is made to represent the products as truthfully as possible in regard to the colour of the fabric. They may appear different in the photo from the real life product. If you are concerned about an exact colour match or shade of colour, please feel free to discuss it with me. This difference in colour from the actual problem can be due to differences in monitor settings/capabilities and individual user settings (the colours you see on your screen may not exactly match the colours of the items in real life). If you use an LCD screen or laptop, you may see pictures as brighter as they are, as these monitors are often set to high brightness settings. I have also noticed that since using a new camera, the photos sometimes appear slightly more rich in colour (reds and oranges in particular are brighter) than the fabric is in real life – but I have been unable to find a solution for this. The products are also photographed on different days, so the lighting will be different from photo to photo, which can affect the colour as well.

 Everything is sold as a single product unless otherwise specified
The photos showing the product may contain additional items that are not for sale in that listing. For example cloth pads are usually photographed as 2 pads together in the one photo, to show the back and front of the pad. Labinni pads are usually photographed in groups of 2 or 3, because I found that looks pretty. The listing will be for 1 item (the one described in the listing) unless otherwise specified.


Potential Allergens
Obsidian Star products are made/stored in a non-smoking home, but with 2 indoor pets (cat and dog).  My sewing room is obviously pet free, but it is also separated from the rest of the house by a hallway with a door – and the pets are not allowed to enter that hallway either – so this helps provide an airlock of sorts between my sewing room and the rest of the house.  All fabrics are washed in our family washing machine, but are done in their own separate load with no other items.  We do not wash pet bedding or pet items in our washing machine.

However while every effort is made to avoid cat hair/dander coming into contact with fabrics/products, I am in contact with my pets.  So if you have an allergy to animals, it is advisable to wash any cloth products and allow them to hang on the line outside to help remove any traces of allergen.

Fabrics are washed in natural/organic herbal-based “Earth Choice” laundry detergent.  If you have a sensitivity to laundry liquids, it is advised to wash any cloth products before use.

Those suffering from severe peanut or other tree-nut allergies are advised that these products may have come into contact with nut traces as we do consume peanuts and other nuts in the house. Also from time to time little extras gifts like chocolate, lollies or tea may be included in your order, and these products may be made from or contain traces of nuts. Please contact me if you have any concerns regarding this.

When you place an order here, your details are contained in an internal customer database within the shopping cart system. Customer details will only be used for completing the transaction. Newsletter subscriptions are handled by the newsletter function of this website, and it is solely in a customer opt-in basis (you as a customer sign up for it if you wish, I will not automatically add you), and you may unsubscribe at any time. Your details will never be given or sold to anyone. If at any time you feel your privacy has been invaded, please contact me.